iPiE – Intelligence-led Assessment of Pharmaceuticals in the Environment

Leading organisations:
Innovative Medicines Initiative - IMI


Geographic Area:


To develop a framework that will provide methodologies to prioritise new and existing medicinal compounds for a comprehensive environmental risk assessment.

Target audience:
Pharmaceutical manufacturers and Scientists

Area of interest:
Occurrence of pharmaceuticals in the environment and Pharmaceutical manufacturing


1) To review of existing approaches for prioritization of APIs and their intelligent testing based on mode of action and to develop improved frameworks for such purposes, 2) To establish a high-quality database on the properties, environmental fate characteristics and ecotoxicity of APIs, 3) To develop methods for estimating external and internal exposure to APIs for different scenarios, 4) To develop methods and models for predicting ecotoxicological responses to APIs, 5) To validate the developed models, concepts and frameworks using targeted experiments, 6) To develop a software system to support intelligent testing and prioritization of APIs in the environment, 7) To develop guidance on how the software system and associated predictive tools can be used, 8) To engage with and exchange knowledge with stakeholder groups throughout the project.

Communication material:

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