EPIC – Efficient Treatment of Pharmaceutical Residue at Source

Leading organisations:
Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)


Geographic Area:


-Identify the APIs entering the waste water stream at different sources and testing cost-effective technological solutions to treat APIs at their primary emission sources.
-The different technologies will be tested in pilot studies.
-Seek pollution prevention instruments in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Target audience:
Environmental experts, General Public, Hospitals, Hospitals/health system stakeholders, National/Local decision and policy makers, Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Pharmacists, Scientists, Waste/water treatment providers, and Water/waste service providers

Area of interest:
Emergence of anti-microbial resistance (AMR), Occurrence of pharmaceuticals in the environment, Wastewater, and Water treatment technologies


Work packages:

1) Identification of pharmaceutical residue emission loads and risk

2) Pilot testing of wastewater technologies in real conditions

3) Cost-effectiveness of wastewater treatment solutions for bioaccumulative and persistent pharmaceutical residues

4) Policy Recommendations for sustainable management of pharmaceuticals

5) Coordination and Communication

Communication material:

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