BONUS OPTITREAT – Optimisation of small wastewater treatment facilities

Leading organisations:
IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Sweden), Development and Assessment Institute in Waste Water Technology at RWTH Aachen University, and Institute for Ecology of Industrial areas (Katowice)


Geographic Area:
Baltic Sea Region


The BONUS OPTITREAT project promotes development and aims to optimise the efficiency of small wastewater treatment systems techniques already available on the market in the Baltic Sea region.

Target audience:
Local governments, National/Local decision and policy makers, Scientists, Waste/water treatment providers, and Water/waste service providers

Area of interest:
Emergence of anti-microbial resistance (AMR), Occurrence of pharmaceuticals in the environment, Wastewater, and Water treatment technologies


-Testing and assessment of reduction efficiencies of: nutrients, pathogens, pharmaceuticals, personal care products and antibiotic resistant bacteria.
-Over 200 earlier facility test results will be included in a benchmarking synthesis of optimization of reduction efficiencies.
-Policy tools and good examples to regulate the maintenance of the facilities, will be explored.
-Transfer of knowledge to SME´s and governmental stakeholders at a dialog forum.

Communication material:

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